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  1. Q Can anyone participate if they want to participate in the te…


    You cannot participate if you see below.

    - Pregnant/Lactating women or planning to become pregnant within six months
    - A person with a psychiatric or infectious skin condition
    - Persons with chronic wasting diseases (asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.)
    - Persons who experiences skin problems such as spots, acne, erythema, burns, and scars on the test area
    - Persons with atopic skin disease
    - Persons with sensitive or hypersensitive skin
    - Persons with irritation or contact allergy to tapes
    - Persons who is allergic to metal products including nickel
    - Persons not more than three months after taking the same test
    - Persons taking contraceptives, anti-histamines and anti-inflammatory drugs
    - Persons with severe or allergic reactions to cosmetics, medicines or sun exposure
    - Persons who is the employee of this clinical research institute
    - Others who, in the judgement of the tester, find the test difficult

  2. Q How do I apply for the clinical trials?


    Procedure for participating in clinical trials of COREDERM Inc. are as follows:

    1. Support for recruitment notice and test participation (homepage, telephone, e-mail, etc.)
    2. Selection and Registration of research subjects
    3. Preparation of a test agreement
    4. Familiarize yourself with the test details and cautions
    5. Receiving the test products
    6. Participation in a test
    7. Test completion & payment

  3. Q What is the clinical trial request procedure for cosmetics?


    The clinical trial request procedure of COREDERM Inc. are as follows:

    1. Pre-consultation for the Design of Testing
    2. Quote & Research Plan
    3. Sign a research service contract
    4. Sample transmission
    5. The opening of a study
    6. End study and Report Research Results
    7. Deposit of research expenses & issuing tax invoice
    8. Send details necessary for final report preparation
    9. Binding and Sending a report
    10. Termination of Research Service Agreement

    For more information, please contact the following contact information and we will guide you in more detail.
    COREDERM Inc. Clinical Trials Center
    Safety / Efficacy Assessment Department
    T. 02-6925-3707

  4. Q What kind of the clinical trials do you conduct at COREDERM …


    The clinical trial items of COREDERM Inc. are as follows:

    Hair Loss Prevention 

    Visual Evaluation / Hair Count / Hair Diameter / Hair Growth Rate / Hair Count (during Growth & Rest periods) / Number of Terminal Hair & Soft Hair / Number of New Hair & Missing Hair / Number of Hair Loss after washing hair

    Tensile force, Stretch Rate Volume / Combing force / Elastic force / Surface Frictional force / Cuticula layer Damage degree / Hair Stick out / Hair Volume Persistence / Hair Form (Flow) Persistence (Product for Frizzled Hair/Anti-Frizz) / Hair Gloss / Hair-dyeing Effect / Hair Color Persistence / Hair Wave Formative force, Persistence / Hair Electrostatic / Hair Coverage and Waterproof (Hair Black Powder / Product for Grey Hair Cover / Hair Swelling / Hair Volume Increase Effect Evaluation

    The amount of Scalp Dead Skin Cell / The amount of Skin Oil / The amount of Skin Moisture / Scalp TEWL(TransEpidermal Water Loss) / Dandruff and Itching Improvement / Easy-Washable Effect / Scalp Pores Cleanliness(Detergency) / Scalp Residue / Scalp pH / Scalp Lesion (Strophulus, Erythema)


    Whitening Effect Test on the Artificially Tanned Skin / Whitening Effect Test on the Hyper-Pigmented Skin / Human Skin Color(Brightness), Tone Evaluation


    Human Skin Wrinkles / Wrinkles by body part Evaluation


    Makeup Adherence(coated well), Persistence, Color, Coverage, Gloss Evaluation

    Eyelashes & Mascara 

    Eyelashes Volume, Length, Diameter Evaluation / Mascara Spread, Oilproof & Waterproof Effect / Mascara Longlashes & Curling Persistence / Big-eye effect Evaluation

    Skin Physiology
    Human Skin Antiaging / Short-term Moisturizing Persistence / Elasticity / Skin Dermis Density / Sagging(Lifting) / Dead Skin cell / Skin Oily / Skin Pores / Skin Texture (Roughness) / Volume / Skin Transparency and Gloss / Temporary Improvement Effect in Blood Flow / Stimulation Relief Effect / Calming (Soothing) Effect / Skin Barrier Strengthening Effect / Effects of Anti-Osmidrosis and Sweat-proof / Dark circle Improvement Effect / Effect of Improving Human Skin Damage by UV / Effect of Improving Human Skin Damage by Chemicals, Tape Stripping / Cleansing Capability / Cellulite Improvement / Strech Marks Improvement / Roughness, Moisturizing, Volume and Color of lips / Effect of Body Slimming / Antimicrobial Activity of Liquid Hand Soap (Handwash) / Improvement of the Itching by drying / Cosmetics Product suitable for Acne-prone Skin / Improvement of Acne-prone Skin / Facial Hot Flush / Facial Swelling Improvement Effect / Usage Test Evaluation

    Safety Test

    Primary Irritation Test / Cumulative Irritation Test / Repeated Insult Patch Test for Sensitization Test / Skin Adverse Reaction Test / Usage Test for Skin Irritation Assessment/ Usage Test for Scalp Irritation Assessment / Skin Sensitivity Evaluation Test / Skin Cooling Effect Test

    Usage Test

    Usage Test for Eyes rims / Usage Test (Controlled Usage/Home Usage) / Tolerence Test

    Health Functional Foods

    Wrinkle Improvement Effect / Moisturizing / Whitening Effect / Maintaining the Skin Health from UV Induced Damage


    Tooth Whitening Preparations / Remover of Bad Breath / Reducing Oral Bacteria Products / Deodorants (Body odor) / Mosquito Repellent / Anti-pollution Effect Evaluation

  5. Q What company is COREDERM Inc.?

    COREDERM Inc. is a clinical trials research center that specializes in evaluating the efficacy and safety of human skin in general cosmetics, functional cosmetic products, health function foods, OTCs, beauty products, and textiles. A scientifically planned and thoroughly controlled skin care test of the COREDERM Inc. provides an optimized clinical evaluation service to meet the needs of specialized and segmented customers through collaboration between the Medical and Clinical Evaluation R&D research teams of specialists in each field.
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