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Cosmetics Preservative Tests

Cosmetics Preservative Tests
Preservative efficacy test, Challenge test
What is an evaulation of Cosmetics Preservative Effect test?

An evaluation that must be carried out during the development of cosmetics or cosmetics raw materials is a test that evaluates the level of microbiological risks (microbiological conservation) of products.

The Preservative Effect test is performed on soluble or water-mixed cosmetics or raw materials except for products that are judged to have low microbial risks presented in ISO 29621, including ISO 11930, USP <51> Antimicrobial Effects Testing, PCPC (CTFA) Microbiology Guidelines, and EP methods.

Evaluation of the cosmetics preservative effect is somewhat different according to the test method, such as test strains, growth media, and the criteria for setting the preservative effect, so the evaluation method must be decided after consulting with the test manager.
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