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Functional Cosmetics Tests

Functional Cosmetics Tests
Functional cosmetics evaluation
Article 2 (2) of the Cosmetics Act defines functional cosmetics, and Article 2 of the Enforcement Rule of the Cosmetics Act defines the scope of functional cosmetics.

Therefore, to manufacture and sell functional cosmetics, the safety and efficacy of each product should be reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration Director or submitted with relevant reports. In this regard, Corederm Inc. conducts clinical trials for functional cosmetic examination.
    Wrinkle Improvement Test
    Whitening Effect Test on the Artificially Tanned Skin
    Whitening Effect Test on the Hyper-Pigmented Skin
    Acne-prone Improvement (Cleansing Products)
    Strech Marks Improvement
    Body Hair Depilatory
    Hair Color Change (Hair Dye, Decoloring Agent) Test
    Relieving Hair Loss
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