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Perform skin care tests professionally.

Cosmetics Efficacy Tests

Cosmetics Efficacy Tests
Cosmetics Efficacy Tests
The skin care products, make-up products and body and hair products to keep the health and the beauty should be investigated on the skin compatability and the efficacy.

Based on published papers and guidelines, customized protocols are developed and applied to clinical trials according to the purpose and characteristics of the product.

When developing protocols, the clinical trial shall be planned by considering the subject of research, treatment plan, measurement method, etc. according to the concept, characteristics and functions of the product.

Corederm Inc. conducts clinical trials so that the results of basic research can be applied and used as empirical data for product promotion and marketing.
    Skin Moisturizing Test
    Skin Whitening Effect Test
    Skin Elasticity & Sagging Lifting Effect Test
    Skin Wrinkle Improvement Test
    Skin Transparency, Clearness Skin Tone & Gloss Sparkle Impro…
    Usage Test for Acne-prone Skin
    Skin Density Improvement Test
    Skin Cooling Effect Test
    Skin Exfoliating Test
    Skin Sebum Improvement Test
    Freckle and Pigmentation Improvement Test
    Skin Texture Improvement Test
    Dark Circle Relieving Test
    Alleviation of Skin Irritation (Reduce Skin Redness) Test
    Skin Barrier Protection & Recovery Test
    Skin Pore Improvement Test
    Improvement in Facial Blood Flow Test
    Reduced Facial (Eyes, Cheek) Swelling Test
    Improvement in blood floow
    Evaluation of the protection against Fine Dust Adsorption
    Skin pH Improvement
    Pigmentation Coverage & Persistency Test
    Reduce Skin Redness & Persistency Test
    Pore Coverage & Persistency Test
    Wrinkle Coverage & Persistency Test
    Skin Texture Coverage Test
    Waterproof Test
    Sweatproof Test
    Eye-Makeup Spread Prevent Test
    Long Lashes, Curlring, Volume Effect Test
    Persistency of Gloss Improvement
    Evaluation of the protection against Fine Dust Adsorption
    Make-up Coverage & Persistency (Antidarkening)
    Color Persistency & Roughness Test of Nail Care Products
    Adherence of Make-up (skin adherence/application)
    Skin Cleansing Efficacy Test
    Fine Dust Cleansing Efficacy Test
    Moisturizing Improvement Test
    Fxfoliating Improvement Test
    Skin Texture Improvement Test
    Sebum & Skin Pore Improvement Test
    Antimicrobial Effect
    Temporary Improvement in Blood Flow Test
    Temporary Skin Temperature Decrease/Increase Effect Test
    Temporary Cellulite Improvement/ Temporary Slimming Efficacy…
    Reduced Swelling Test
    Antimicrobial Effect
    Cleansing Efficacy
    Skin Transparency
    Skin Gloss Improvement
    Scalp Sebum Improvement & Cleansing Efficacy (Easy-washable …
    Scalp Moisturizing Effect Test
    Scalp Cooling Effect Test
    Scalp Exfoliating Improvement Effect Test
    Scalp Dandruff, Itch Improvement Effect Test
    Hair Volume Improvement Effect Test
    Hair Waterproof Effect Test
    Hair Gloss Improvement Test
    Hair Color Protection Test
    Hair Curl Retention Test
    Hair Tensile, Combing, Friction Test
    Hair Cuticle Damage Test
    Hair Texture Uniformity Test
    Hair Moisturizing Test
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