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Perform skin care tests professionally.

Company History

Company History
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  • Expansion and transfer of head office and research institute
  • Cosmetics raw materials, general cosmetics, functional cosmetics, and OTC testing
  • Carried out government tasks (Cosmetic industry technical competitiveness enhancement package support project etc.)
  • Particulate matter prevention evaluation method and evaluation equipment setup
  • Introduction of 3D body scanning equipment
  • Clinical Trial for Beauty Equipment
  • Completion of individual health functional food clinical trial (food safety examination)
  • Visit IFSCC 2018
  • In vitro test work agreement wth Kookmin University
  • Cosmetic Buoyancy Test Business Agreement (Cosmetic Microbiological Research Institute)
  • Government Project Co-research with Kookmin University (finding whitening materials targeting beta-catenin-induced transcription)
  • Two Photon Microscopy (POSTECH)
  • Industry-University Cooperation Family Company Agreement with Kookmin University
  • Health functional food skin clinical trial progress
  • Clinical trials of functional cosmetics (hair loss, acne)
  • Completed corporate reliability certification with major home shopping (CJ home shopping, Lotte home shopping, Hyundai home shopping, NS home shopping, GS home shopping, Home & shopping etc.)
  • 2017 IFSCC Congress poster presentation (Quantification of Epidermal Melanin and Dermal Collagen Rearrangement Using Two Photon Microscopy: Matching with Clinical Improvement Scales)
  • Construction of electronic document backup system (COREDERM NAS)
  • Management of research subjects and operation of research management system (COREDERM R +)
  • Established Corederm skin clinical trial institute corporation
  • Completed development of application protocol for cosmetic raw materials, general cosmetics, functional cosmetics, and OTDs
  • Cosmetic safety and efficacy evaluation
  • Acquired venture business certificate (No. 20160107589)
  • Establishment of company affiliated research institute (No. 2016113262)
  • Registered to the Institutional Bioethics Committee (No. 1-20160304837-AB-N-01)
  • Obtained ISO quality management system certification (ISO 9001: 2015 / KS Q ISO 9001: 2015)
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