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Corederm Inc.

Thank you for your interest and support in Corederm since it was established on January 26, 2016. Thanks to your support, Corederm Inc. has become a leading cosmetic clinical testing institute.

Corederm Inc. was established as an affiliated research institute, and certified to the ISO 9001: 2015 to enhance the external credibility within the first year of establishment. Based on these qualifications, Corederm has performed clinical trial research from major cosmetic companies, pharmaceutical companies, food industries and government tasks. Multiple clinical trial results have been used as a reference material for the ministry of food and drug safety examination and marketing purposes. It has also been positively evaluated and used as documents submitted to Europe and the United States. Meanwhile, we have cooperated with the quality management team of major home shopping media in Korea, to obtain the credibility of Corederm as a dermatological clinical trial institute and to successfully launch many products.

Within a short time-frame, Corederm Inc. has firmly established a value standard and principle as a clinical testing institute with excellent manpower, advanced facility and quality management. Based on this, we have been able to contribute to the success of our customers, and we regard them as pride and rewarding.

In the future, Corederm Inc. will support the development of our customers' products to enhance K-beauty's status and realize the vision of the cosmetics industry that will protect the health and beauty of mankind.

Thank you.

Corederm Inc.

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